Our load straps are made of polyester and comply with DIN 60060 and EN 12195-2 standards.

termékek rakományrögzítők

Their steel fittings are galvanized or painted, making the complete strapping system weatherproof and robust.

By using them, the required tension force can be achieved, which allows

  • secure fastening
  • simple handling
  • and gives the cargo an aesthetic look.

Possible max. tension forces (on a single strap) are 250-10000 daN at any optional length.

Our load straps:

with 25 mm strap For fixing light, non-accident-hazardous loads on vans and small box trailers.

Fastening force: max 1000 daN

with 50 mm strap For securing stable and heavy loads on goods vehicles, trucks, long haul trucks and truck trailers.

Fastening force: max 5000 daN

with 75 mm strap For securing less stable heavy loads with on long haul trucks and truck trailers.

Fastening force: max 10000 daN

Cargo fixing chains

The cargo fixing chains are used for the secure fixing of special loads. Their use is beneficial for cargo where the fastening branches are subject to high stresses, cutting forces and friction.

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Type Chain diameter Moment arm length Tensioning distance Fastening force
FLR 108 8 mm 356 mm 203 mm 4 t
FLR 108 10 mm 356 mm 203 mm 6,3 t
FLR 108 13 mm 356 mm 203 mm 10 t

termékek láncos rakományrögzítők