Frequently asked questions

How can I request a quotation?

  • In person – in our factory outlet.
  • By phone – we will accept your request for a quotation by phone and will reply in writing, after consultation.
  • By e-mail – from your own e-mail address, or using the “Request a quotation” form in our website. Our colleagues will contact you shortly afterwards.

Our offers are free of charge, both verbally and in writing (except in certain custom design cases, about which we will notify you in advance). Filling the form results in no obligation, and we will not bother you with unwanted messages.

How to submit an order?

The primary method of sending orders is writing by e-mail, fax or post. Verbal orders will always be confirmed in writing. Before placing an order, it is advisable to coordinate concerning product specifications, prices and delivery deadlines.

How can receive the ordered product?

In person – at our site in Miskolc. Forklift loading is available.

Home delivery – By MPL, or with an external transporter company over 1000 kg – we will give you a quotation about it.

If the mode or time of delivery is not specified in the order, we will rationalize the delivery in line with other orders according to our criteria. For courier parcels, it is advisable to agree about the price when the quotation is asked, or the order is placed.