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CARGO STRAPS from Észak-Ferr Kft.
Did you know?
– our cargo straps are made in our own workshop, even in custom sizes.
– You can also order them in 2-piece versions with a free end, or with tensioning both ends.
What happens if your so-much-used cargo straps break?
The good news is that you no longer have to buy a complete new one!
We have a solution!
Bring the tensioning ratchet and hook, to our ÉSZAK-FERR Factory Outlet at Miskolc, Vásártéri utca 8, and we will sew a new strap on it.
We give a 15% discount for transporting companies, in case of larger orders.

Call us! +36 30 568 3844

„Észak-Ferr is your reliable partner.”