Észak-Ferr Kft. manufactures, distributes and sells almost all types of wire ropes in the Hungarian and foreign standards, but we also produce special wire ropes to meet unique needs. We produce two large groups of wire ropes with fittings: the so-called lugged ropes and end-casted ropes. The lugged ropes are produced by a heavy-duty hydraulic press, and each of them are load tested. The end-cast ropes are mainly used for cableways, as supporting ropes of aerials, bridges, columns, suspended roofs and halls.

We also manufacture hand-stranded hoisting ropes to unique orders. These lugged ropes are classically called FUX-ed ropes. Here, the rope lugs are formed by manually weaving the folded part back into its own material. This lug can be subjected to very heavy loads, and high temperatures. It is required for hot industrial cranes.

We also repair broken or elongated hoisting slings, and we manufacture and repair chain blocks on request.