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Copper contact-wire

The copper wire is necessary to use electric vehicles to electric drive price-leader. For example, heavy rail, industrial railway and mining railway, road and rail electric trolley buses. The shape and size of the wire the following tables and figures contains.

Packaging: 1800 mm Ø disk or wooden drums, the required length.

Material: hard drawn electrolytic copper (Cu-E) having mechanikal and electrical properties are shown in Table 2.

Bronze Wire

The bronze wires primarily used for the construction of overhead lines, which is the role of the product. The bronze wires made from CuMg 0.4 alloy base material with one or more layers of twistted. The conditions of the product' base materials, wire bundle include the following standards:

- DIN 17666 Bz II (CuMg 0.4)
- DIN 48200 Teil 2
- DIN 48201 Blatt 2

Copper wire

The copper wire is made from CuEK material quality wire by twisting one or more layers. The direction of outer layers always right thread. MSZ 64 and MSZ 4956 and DIN 48200/1 contain the regulations for the copper wires' basematerials.

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