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Cargo Lashing Systems

Our Cargo Lashing systems comply with the standards of DIN 60060 and EN 12195-2.

The webbings consist of impregnated polyester with a high lifetime, the ratchet and the hooks are galvanized or painted and therefore ensure a complete, suitable and weather resistant lashing of cargo in robust design.

Using these lashing a requied tension strength can be generated that ensures
- a safe fastening of the load
- easy handling
- good design for loads
Maximum possible lashing forces are 250-500-2000-2500-5000-10000 daN in option length.

Lashing system 25mm

-Application: for lashing of light loads on vans and on trailers.
-Lashing force: 1000 daN
-Colour: yellow

Lashing system 50mm

-Application: professional use, suitable to secure loads with suifficient stability on heavy-duty-trucks and heavy-duty-trailers.
-Lashing force: 5000 daN
-Colour: orange or red

Lashing system 75 mm

-Application: professional use, especially heavy machinery and loads on flat trailers.
-Lashing force: 10000 daN
-Colour: yellow

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