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Rope Puller

The range of Rope Pullers consist of three types with traction forces of 800 daN and 3200 daN. The Rope Pullers are lightweight and easy operate. The housing are made of high-strength castaluminium with high strain coefficients, they are highly resistent against corrosion and impact.

The Rope Pullers provide a high level of operational safety. the shearing pin located in the forward gear lever shears off at an overload of approximately 25%. Additionally the tube of the operating lever is designed to bend at its base at an overload of approximatly 50%. The shearing pins can be replaced under full load, i.e. without relieving the traction rope. Spare shearing pins are located in the handle of the operating lever or int he transport handle.

The system requires virtually no maintenence!

Rope pullers

800 daN

1600 daN

3200 daN

Traction force

800 daN

1600 daN

3200 daN

energy expend on operating lever

24 kg

30 kg

50 kg

Rope advance per double stroke(cycle) unloaded




Nominal load




Traction rope diameter





6 kg

11 kg

21 kg

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